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The effectiveness of traction can be evidenced in the elongated earlobes, lips and necks tribes achieve by placing pressure on these body parts.Products: Vacuum Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction, Incontinence Briefs, External Penile Rigidity Device (FDA Code: LKY), Incontinence Devices, Wedge Pillows,.To learn more about the results you can expect using RestoreX for 60-minutes per day, click here to review Preliminary Clinical Results.Since penis is also a soft tissue, investigators proposed many years ago that traction therapy can help in penile lengthening.Each of the above described embodiments is able to perform the same function for fulfilling the objectives of the invention, i.e., to seal the penis securely within the device and hold the device to the penis without causing pain or blood vessel breakage in the penis structure while placing the penis in traction.The men in the study were instructed to wear the device for 6-9 hours each day for 6 months.Unlike other traction devices, only the traction device allows the ability to work around any hip or groin trauma.For instance, this tissue stimulation is used for corrective enlargement, straightening or therapy of the penis before and after surgery.

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Furthermore, there is no ischial bar to deal with, so any concerns of.Find great deals on eBay for penis traction device and penis extender.

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The aim of this arrangement is to maintain optimal traction of the penile shaft in order to build adequate pressure outwards, for meaningful support.

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Adjustable traction device that fits all penis sizes while also accommodating penile growth, a must in traction devices High-quality plastic and metal materials, an assurance of durability Ultimate Comfort System that ensures utmost comfort even for prolonged wear, a system that allows users to wear SizeGenetics in 58 different ways and that provides comfort via a rubber comfort strap.

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Such traction creates an adaptative reaction of the penile tissue structural components, with an.

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That is all that matters and that is all that will ever matter.Traction has also been used by tribes around the world for thousands of years.

Still, it is starting to catch on for the reasons mentioned previously, but not for any other reason. There is.

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Well, actually, they can stick out at any angle to your body.I just have a question about all the calculations that everyone is getting.

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EverGuard Traction Splint is the same type item as Kendrick Traction Device (KTD).Based on the method of traction, the system will act as a brace, such as braces used in orthodontic treatments, to gradually straighten the penis.